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Own your story.

be empowered.



Living Mindfully 

Living Mindfully Counseling was created with the vision that all of us are meant to take control of our lives and live the life we want. The mission of Living Mindfully is to empower everyone that enters our office - and although we can't stop the stressful and demanding events in our lives - we all possess the power to tackle those stresses with confidence and ease. 

Many people spend time dwelling in their past or lost in anxiety about what the future will look.  These default coping skills lead us down a road of sadness, anxiety and daily stress that deteriorates your well being. If you find yourself wondering why your life does not look the way you thought and are feeling overwhelmed, know that you do not have to go through this alone.  

Living Mindfully Counseling works to recognize the strengths and abilities that we all have within us and to use these strengths to move us forward in our life.  We will  work with you to bring awareness to your thoughts and emotions, make a plan to take action and helps you to develop skills to live a enriched and fulfilled life.

Let's work one-on-one to address the emotions, stresses and negativity that is impacting your life. We will utilize mindfulness to learn to grow awareness, reduce judgment and be prepared to take on life's challenges with confidence.

Specialty Therapy

If you or a loved one are living with a intellectual or emotional disability or are a caregiver/sibling of this person it can be hard finding someone that understands your unique needs  I have extensive experience in this area and we can work together to meet your needs and abilities.


I provide customized presentations and meditation sessions to organizations. These workshops improve the overall well being  of the workers and in turn create a more emotionally healthy and stable environment.  Give your workers the tools they need to succeed!


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