Meet Christine

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working with career driven adults that are overwhelmed with demanding jobs that feel like they have gotten off track with where they want their life to go. 


After graduating from the accelerated program at NYU in 2008, I climbed the ladder to being a Director of Vocational Services for a NYC company, where i learned the complexity of leadership and management. On the verge of my own burn-out, I took control of my career and started my own company.  I realize the immense pressure so many of us are under and thrive in aiding others to regain confidence and purpose.


In the past 12 years, I have been in constant pursuit of my education and  furthering the knowledge and skills I can bring to my clients.  My approach to working with clients is interactive, non-judgmental and aimed at giving clients and organizations practical tools to regain motivation and focus.  


I think we are all doing our best to juggle the responsibilities in our life but sometimes it just feels like your best isn't good enough.  People in New York City work more hours than anywhere else in the nation and we often sacrifice our happiness and work life balance in the process.


Whether I am working with individuals in therapy or customizing a mindfulness program for a company, we work together hone in on what they hope to achieve, what values are important to them and different responses and a shifting  perspectives can yield results.  

If you feel stuck and your focus has gotten off track, I look forward to working together to show the possibility for change.

Christine Soriano LCSW

Hoboken, NJ 07030


Tel: 201-984-9515

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