Frequently Asked Questions...


How do I know if therapy is right for me?

Are you feeling, lost, stuck or not good enough? Often people wonder why they can't get out of the rut they are in or why they feel like their stress levels are out of their control.  If so, know there is another option (even if it doesn't always feel like it). When we sit down, we will explore the causes of  your dissatisfaction and develop skills and tools that can put you back on the road to a more fulfilling life. 

How long does this process last?

For therapy services, there is no one answer and there is no requirement.  Therapy should focus on you improving-- achieving fulfillment and addressing how you manage the stress you are under.  The frequency and length of treatment will depend on you, your needs and what you are looking to achieve. 

For coaching services, there is a tangible goal and we work together for a limited time (often 3 -6 months).  During this period, you have homework assignments and are expected to be an active part of your change.

Can you prescribe medication?

No. If you feel that you are in a place where medication is needed, a psychiatrist will need to be the one to safely prescribe that.  Medication coupled with therapy can be an effective combination in taking care of your mental health.  I am happy to collaborate with your treating psychiatrist in developing a treatment modality that meets your needs. 

I am a new client trying to book an appointment through the 'Book Now' button and it isn't working, why?

The 'Book Now' feature on the header of my website is for existing clients only.  For new clients, please complete the form on the 'Contact' page and I will give you a call back as soon as possible.  You can also call me directly at 201-984-9515. 

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