Self-Care: What is it? And does scrolling through Instagram Count?

No, scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat and whatever other app you are filling your hours with is NOT, and let me repeat, is NOT, self-care. And, I am so very sorry to tell you, usually Netflix doesn’t count either.

Self-care is an action you take in your daily life, that you do with intention as a way to recharge your batteries. That word “intention “is the key to self-care and something often overlooked. To break this all down into the simplest way possible, self-care is you (or me) intentionally engaging in something that is meaningful and is being doing with the purpose to recharge, revitalize and just give yourself some love.

I have lots of great self-care ideas including getting a manicure, meditating, reading, calling a loved one, or stretching. But here is the thing about self-care, it doesn’t matter what my ideas for self-care are, what matters, are your ideas for yourself. This is not a one-size-fits-all. This needs to be personalized and unique to you.

You might feel refreshed and revitalized after a brisk run in the cold weather, for me that sounds like torture. So, sit down and make a list for yourself. Have it your list be something you can reference when you’re heading down the road to a burn-out. You need to figure out what is on your list and then make active decisions throughout your week to engage in those very tasks. Wait till you see the difference some self-care can make in your day-to-day life.

Hint, hint: A little self-care secret…put down your cell phone.

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