Mindfulness Coaching

Are you wondering how mindfulness can change your life?  Is your perfectionism or difficulty committing to meditation a barrier?


Mindfulness Coaching is about creating habits and cultivating processes that are going to move your forward from a place of compassion and kindness to oneself.  You will begin living a life that is guided by your values and built upon your strengths.  Mindfulness Coaching is about taking a look at what is and isn't working in life and using this information to  cultivate mindfulness habits to bring you the life you want. 


Coaching is not a treatment for mental health issues and doesn't dive deep into your past but rather focuses on how to move you towards your goals. 

Coaching focuses on topics such as learning to be non-judgmental,  self-care, boundaries, decision making, clarifying values and much more.  Coaching can conveniently fit into your life with video or phone sessions. 


Mindfulness Coaching is about you bringing intention, compassion and awareness to all the facets of your life to allow for a more fulfilling life moving forward.

Christine Soriano LCSW

Serving New  Jersey and New York

Mail: Info@LivingMindfullyNJ.com

Tel: 201-984-9515

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