Therapy is a process where we work together using proven scientific procedures to help you develop a healthier emotional well being.  In therapy we take a look at your thought patterns, coping skills and information from your past to guide us in our understanding.  Erase the image you have in your head from the movies, therapy is an interactive process where we work together to tackle the internal systems that are holding you back.  If your workplace stress is causing chronic sadness or excessive worry (or both), therapy is good place to start.


Coaching is about taking a look at what is and isn't working in life and using this information to shape the life you want.  This process is about creating habits and cultivating processes that are going to move your forward.  You will begin living a life that is guided by your values and built upon your strengths.  Coaching is not a treatment for mental health issues and doesn't dive deep into your past but rather focuses on how to move you towards your goals. 


Corporate Mindfulness Programs

I work with the individual organizations to design workshops, meditations sessions or consulting that enhance the mental well being of each employee that steps through their door. There is a reason major cooperation such as Google and Amazon have mindfulness programming... because it works! Studies show that practicing mindfulness in your workplace will stabilize employee’s focus, improve teamwork and enhance leadership. 

Christine Soriano LCSW

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